What is a mentorship at Osio Labs?

We view mentorships as an opportunity for learning, both for us and you. We focus on making sure that you learn the skills you are looking for, along with some that you maybe aren’t aware you needed or wanted, while gaining experience you can apply in future jobs. We will work with you to identify tasks and projects to work on that further your personal goals, along with an outline of learning objectives and resources. You will have a primary and secondary mentor who will be available to bounce ideas off of, walk you through new tasks, help you get unstuck, and generally get you oriented and comfortable.

You will be a member of the team, working on real projects that help sustain our business, and your feedback and insights will be valued. We are an open books company, so you will also be exposed to the nuts and bolts of how we run the business, and since we are a fully distributed team (there is no office anywhere), you will learn how to work effectively in a remote environment with a team that has been doing this exclusively for over a decade.

Who is this for?

Our mentorships are for anyone interested in exploring the positions we offer and meet the requirements in the posting. You do not need to have a formal education related to the role and you do not need to be a student. Many people decide to explore different roles and careers for many reasons throughout their lives. We welcome people from all stages of life and career. We are also dedicated to being a diverse and inclusive company and we welcome the full range of human experience. Being a fully distributed company, we also welcome people from all over the world. You’ll need to overlap your work hours with the rest of the team and your mentors in particular at least a few hours each week, but by and large you can set your schedule to what works best for you.

Is this a paid internship?

Yes, absolutely. You will be a valued member of our team. You deserve to be compensated for your work. The pay rate will depend on the position. You will be a temporary contractor and therefore no benefits are included beyond paid official holidays.

Is there a permanent job offer possible?

Unfortunately, no. We are a very small company and can’t afford to hire new permanent employees (unless we have a sustainable increase in our revenue in the future). The mentorship is designed to give you work experience and further your education so that you can have better opportunities for finding a permanent job. We can use our connections to help in your job search, but we do not promise job placement nor is it something we are experienced with.