Blazing New Trails with Gatsby

This month, our new Gatsby Guides website lit up, offering over 10 hours of free learning material. Gatsby, a React static-site generator, provides a modern front-end framework for turning content into feature-rich, super fast apps and websites. It also boasts great documentation -- and an awesome community.

Building our Gatsby site was a meta endeavor, in every sense of the word. teaches you how to build a website just like it using Gatsby and Drupal. You can use the tutorials there to actually build a site (with Drupal or any CMS you want) very similar to the one you’re looking at.

Why did we choose to create a bunch of tutorials on Gatsby? First, it has a lot of potential and we really like using it ourselves. We’ve started using Gatsby for our own infrastructure (just like this site) and seen that it’s growing quickly. We always work to contribute to projects we like. By providing quality learning materials, we can help the Gatsby community grow. Maybe in the future, if the community continues to grow as fast as the product, we’ll look at developing more extensive training materials. For now it’s a learning endeavor for us and a way to help the community succeed. Win-win.

Open Source Inside and Out

Gatsby Guides gives us the opportunity to take part in a really good business exercise. As we explore branching into new training markets, this project lets us test out strategies for doing that -- with a sandbox for research, diversified tutorial creation, and real-life technical experience. As we continue to explore how Gatsby fits into our infrastructure, we’ll contribute tutorials related to the things we’re learning. And when we do create new open source training sites, it’s a sure bet that Gatsby will be part of the technical infrastructure.