Welcome to Our Podcast

We’ve created the Osio Labs podcast and we’ve published our first episode, which is about company values. We think this is a good way to get to know us a little better while also diving into a topic that many people and companies struggle to find much meaning in. Where do values come from? How are they useful? How does all of that come into play with your own personal values? Join Addi, Amber, and Ashley as we chat about our own experiences.

We’ve started this podcast so we can discuss the issues and ideas we often have internally when it comes to running an ethical and sustainable business. The podcast is a place we can reimagine businesses as places where we touch and improve human lives rather than simply making money. Through commentary and thought-provoking interviews, we’ll explore the intersection of corporate responsibility, profitability, environmentalism, social justice, and positive psychology. Through it all, we seek to answer the question: How can we create sustainable businesses that make the world a better place?

We’re aiming for 20-30 minute podcasts to come out every two weeks. Subscribe to the podcast on your provider of choice so you'll get notified of new episodes.