Open Source Feedback Loop Goes Live

Welcome to the inaugural blog for Osio Labs, our first post since changing our name from Lullabot Education! While tutorial-specific updates will broadcast from their own websites, like Drupalize.Me, the new Osio Labs blog is here to share our experiences as an open source company and also to reach out directly to the open source world for feedback.

Open Source Inside and Out

Empowering anyone to build websites using open source tools is our mission at Osio Labs, and we’ll be designing guides and tutorials based on what users need and want. In other words, input from learners will, more than ever, drive what we create next in terms of training materials, new websites, and learning tools.

We’re calling it the the open source feedback loop, and in keeping our commitment to this style of course development, we have a request: we want to understand the learning habits and needs of WordPress developers. What do you, the WordPress community, want and need to learn? We’re hoping you’ll take our 5-minute survey to find out.

We also know that WordPress training is an important factor in the continued success of the project. So once the survey is closed, we’ll make the results public here. We encourage anyone who wants to use this data to improve available training options to do so. Questions and/or discussion about WordPress learning challenges and solutions is also completely welcome.

Are you a WordPress developer? If so, we want to hear from YOU! We’re not just looking for experts either -- we’re looking for people at all experience levels.

Take the survey

Please follow us on social media as we continue to pursue our vision to evolve as a company, lean into what it means to do well by doing good, and create more opportunities for people to learn. We feel like our new name reflects where we’re going -- and we think it’s a very exciting path to be on.